Intro to Yoga: A Four-Week Series for Those New to Yoga

Sundays, 12:30–1:30pm
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$75/Series (4 classes)

Week 1: Stand & Sit Tall: Defining proper alignment from the ground up.

Week 2: Shoulder & Hip Openers: Stretch and strengthen the muscles of the upper body & release lower back tension by opening the hips and pelvic region.

Week 3: Unwind the Spine: Mobilize the back through twists and backbends.

Week 4: Breath and Meditation: Practices to relax and restore the body.

This four-week series is designed specifically for those who are brand new to the practice of yoga as well as for those who wish to get “back to basics” in an open and exploratory environment. Structural alignment of yoga postures will be explained in detail at a manageable pace to the beginning yoga student. The history and philosophy of yoga will be woven through the series. Students will be invited to ask questions and to explore the benefits of each pose.



What do I need to wear?
Wear comfortable clothes. i.e., leggings, sweats, tee shirts, or shorts.

Do I need a mat?
No, we provide a mat and all of the other props you’ll need for the class.

Do I wear socks?
No, yoga is done barefoot.

Do I need to register in advance for the class?
Yes, this is very helpful to us, but if it’s a last minute decision and you haven’t pre-registered, you are still welcome to join us.

Do I need to sign up for the whole series or is doing one class okay?
We highly recommend doing the whole series, as each week builds on the next. If that’s not possible than any involvement is better than none!

Do I need to be flexible in order to try yoga?
No, you begin exactly where you are. And one of the reasons we practice yoga is to gain flexibility!