Class Descriptions

Class at Satya Yoga Center


This level 1 class develops the practice of linking movements of the body with the flow of the breath, while emphasizing optimal alignment within fundamental postures. Geared toward beginners with some experience.

Mixed Level

This level 1-2 class builds on the Basics classes. Teachers will give modifications for different levels; however not recommended for very beginners.


Refining the link between movement and breath, this level 2-3 class challenges by offering a rigorous pace and more advanced postures; experience recommended.

Hot Vinyasa Yoga

This challenging and flowing form of yoga heals, detoxifies and electrifies body and mind at their deepest levels, in the style of Baron Baptiste. We practice in a 90-degree room; dress as if you were going for a run on a hot summer day. Towel rental available, or bring your own. Suitable for students of various levels, though not recommended for very beginners.

Inner Body Yoga

This heart-centered Vinyasa class incorporates humor, Kundalini and Alison’s brand of deep inner body sequencing.

Ashtanga Yoga

This is a dynamic Vinyasa-style of yoga with roots in ancient tradition. Attention will be given to learning correct technique and alignment. All levels are welcome though some prior yoga experience is helpful.

Jivamukti Open

This Jivamukti Yoga class is vinyasa-based with emphasis on breathing, alignment and moving with grace and awareness. A short discussion of yogic philosophy, meditation and singing are included in each class. It will be challenging, yet safe for all levels.

Friday Flow

Move into your weekend with this mixed level vinyasa class. This class links movement to the breath and moves at a measured pace while building strength and flexiblity. Standing, seated and inversion postures are included with attention toward optimal alignment.

Flow and Restore

Rejuvenate with a cleansing sequence of slow-flow vinyasa, followed by gentle poses where the body is comfortably supported by props (blocks, blankets, bolsters) and then held in postures that encourage opening and release.

Restorative Yoga

This is a deeply relaxing practice that blends supportive postures, guided relaxation, yogic breathing, and an extended Savasana (final resting pose). The body is comfortably supported by props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, sandbags), and then held gently in positions that encourage opening and releasing. An incredible system that heals, “restoratives” activate the relaxation response, balance the nervous system, lift immune function, and optimize energy flow to the organs. This class will help recharge your energy reserves and reduce the effect of stress on the body and mind. Open to students at all levels.


This class is an opportunity to practice yoga in supportive setting with people of all ages. Whether you are an experienced practitioner, new to yoga or have limited mobility this class can offer you a joyful experience, enhance your yoga practice and give you a safe entry into the world of yoga. Taught by medical yoga therapist Terry Roth Schaff, the community class is appropriate for anyone with an interest in or love for yoga. Suggested donation is $7, but you are welcome to use your class card or pay less as needed.


A very simple and soothing Hatha yoga class suitable for all ages and abilities. Excellent for pre-natal, post-natal, injury recovery and those who may find it difficult to do strenuous exercise, or who prefer to do a modest but effective level of yoga training.


Come set up your mat any time during these 45 or 90 minute slots and practice on your own. The teachers will be available if you have any questions about poses, or sequencing, or anything else for that matter. They might have music playing and perhaps an intention for the day that you can weave into your practice.

Eastern Philosophy Study Group

This regular discussion group meets to study different texts and contemplate them in relation to our own lives. Very informal, relaxed, yet serious. Currently we are studying Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield. By donation.

Chair Yoga at the Starr Library

There are many ways of doing yoga poses. This practice is gentle and for people who wish to relieve stress, be revitalized and heal. The practice is done seated in a chair or by using the chair for support and balance. Suitable for people of any age and will benefit many health conditions. $10/class, held at the Starr Library in Rhinebeck, (845) 876-4030.