Our Studio

Satya Yoga Studio

Satya is a center for study and teaching that offers the transformational practice of yoga to everyone. We are committed to the highest standards of yoga, reflected in our teachers, our teacher-training program, and the special guest teachers, musicians, artists, and lecturers that are invited to Satya. We have created an atmosphere where people from all walks of life feel encouraged to come and begin their yoga practice, or to continue to develop and refine their existing practice.

Satya opened in 2005, when co-founders Sondra Loring and Jessie Montague continued the work of Alex Auder, who created the first yoga studio in Rhinebeck.

The teachers at Satya have dedicated their lives to the exploration of health, conscious living, and how to move the powerful process of self-discovery off the mat and into the world. We invite you to join us on this journey. Welcome to Satya!

–Sondra Loring, Director