Testimonials from Satya Graduates

“…an inquisitive and powerful movement into the everyday beauty of yoga.”

“The training through Satya Yoga Center was an inquisitive and powerful movement into the everyday beauty of yoga. The teachers’ mastery of information was accessible, and it opened my experience to life, alongside a talented group of students. Teacher training affirmed the value of being a student, and the presence of a comfortable environment which we can foster and create in ourselves and the world around us. I would highly recommend this training to any person, as Satya is a unique place where you are always welcome.”
— Katja S.

“You are never too busy to deepen your practice and learn how to teach others to do the same!”

“Sondra, Liz and Sarah, along with numerous guest teachers, balance the teaching of asana and anatomy with modern and ancient yoga history and philosophy, giving equal attention to these important yogic traditions. The teachers provide a nurturing environment and encourage you to develop your interests. Trainees take a hands-on approach to asana sequencing and teaching, which is really beneficial for teaching skill development.

Most of the people close to me thought I was “crazy” to take on Satya Yoga Teacher Training when I did. I was in the middle of finishing up my doctoral thesis and then was asked to teach two new courses at a local university shortly after I committed to the training. The truth is, this training, the teachers, and fellow trainees supported and sustained me through this very busy and stressful time. The training forced me to slow down, and showed me how to dedicate myself to deepening my yoga practice, and reaffirmed the belief that service to others through teaching is paramount. This exceptional journey significantly contributed to successful outcomes for which I am truly humbled and grateful. This goes to show that you are never too busy to deepen your practice and learn how to teach others to do the same!”
— Melissa F.

“The Satya Yoga teacher training is by far one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”

Initially I had no intention of teaching yoga; I signed on for the training to simply deepen my own practice, as I had been doing yoga on and off for a few years, but wasn’t progressing enough and wasn’t experiencing the benefits. I felt I was missing something…and was pretty sure a deeper exploration of yoga had the answers for me. I was right. The training exceeded my expectations on every level, delivering a truly transformational experience, both physically and spiritually. It has given me a much sought after ‘lightness of being’.”
— Elizabeth W.

“The Satya Yoga teacher training is an ideal 200-hour program because it suits students with a variety of intentions…”

“…even if that intention is unclear at the outset. The intention may be to learn to teach, to advance a personal asana practice, to expand knowledge of philosophy, spirituality, anatomy, ethics, or the eight limbs. The training is holistic enough to delve into all of these interests, and to prepare a first-time teacher if that is the student’s goal.

I began the training from day one with the certainty that I was in good hands. I ended the training knowing that whether I taught as a career or not at all, whether I went on to another training or stopped at that point, I had built for myself (with the help of my teachers and my fellow students) a foundation in yoga from which I will able to work for the rest of my life.” — Julia E.

“The Satya Yoga Teacher Training is deeply committed to presenting yoga as a science within a holistic model.”

“While my first teacher training proved to be a springboard in terms of yogic passion, it was bare bones basic. I intuitively knew that I didn’t have enough knowledge, science, anatomy and language to ‘walk the talk’ or ‘talk the walk’ for that matter. This is extremely important to me as I teach in a hospital setting. Now that I’ve trained at Satya, when I speak from an anatomical perspective as to how a certain pose can create space for healing for example, the surgeons that I work with listen—this is a miracle in and of itself!” — Fran C.

“I began class expecting to be trained physically but found my heart opened, my mind challenged, and ultimately my life changed.”

“The beautifully crafted classes and brilliant sequence of readings combined with the warmth, humor and strength of two deeply knowledgeable and complementary teachers showed me that my gut instinct of total trust in them and this program was correct.” — Judi C.

“The Satya Yoga teacher training program was one of the most transformative experiences of my adult life, topped only by the birth of my daughter.”

“The 10 month program takes you on a journey of personal discovery through the beautiful subject of yoga beyond what you can even imagine on the day you sign up. Follow your heart and you’ll never look back!” — Rachel H.