December Focus of the Month

On Becoming a Bohdisattva – Taking Care of Each Other

As my friend Hope Hall said upon her return to the USA, “Now: Home where we will take care of each other in the face of such wild aggression.” It is a wild time right now in this world; every day there is news that is disturbing, divisive, depressing. And still, we are here, living and breathing.

How do we take care of each other? In Buddhism, the qualities of generosity, patience, effort, and wisdom are given as practices to perfect, as part of becoming a bodhisattva. A bodhisattva is not a god or a deity, but a dedication to living that we can all aspire to; a dedication to assisting all beings in the pursuit of liberation. One doesn’t have to take a formal vow to live this model, but simply act with the good of others foremost in the mind.

We live in a global community, and starting right here at home, we can come together, pool our resources, step in when needed, lend a hand, and work for the common good.

This month at the studio, we’ll set a couple of modest goals:
1. Collect food for the food pantry
2. Take donations for a local organization focused on social justice.

So moving away from a territorialistic mode of operating, which can arise in the face of uncertainty and fear, we’ll open to the world we are living in. It is a great responsibility, an awesome responsibility, but we’ll do it together, surely making more of a difference than we could ever do alone.