Tango Nuevo at Satya Yoga Center

Tango Fundamentals, Thursdays, 7:45pm

This class is for beginners and those who want to perfect their fundamentals or learn opposite – lead/follow.

Basic fundamentals include: walking, embrace and connection, musicality & timing; basic tango figures such as la crusada, ochos, simple giros & molinetes, parallel and cross system, rock step and ocho cortado.

Class Fee: $15. Pre-registration not required. Payment can be made at the time of class by cash or check.

About the Instructor

Ellen Chrystal studied ballet, jazz, and modern dance in Toronto and San Francisco from 1970 through the 80’s. In the early 70’s she travelled and performed improvisational dance with Tisziji Munoz’s Jazz Troupe. This experience was instrumental in awakening that freedom to let the music move the dancer.

In the 1980s Ellen taught and choreographed dances for women and children in San Rafael, California. In 1997, she began to study and dance Argentine Tango in New York City and felt she had discovered the perfect dance for improvisation and social dancing.

Ellen studied tango in New York and Buenos Aires with many of the greatest teachers of Argentine Tango. She performed for the TangoFest 2000 at the Town Hall on Broadway in New York City. She has enjoyed traveling and dancing in many cities around the United States and Europe.

“As a dancer, I love improvisation and freedom. My goal as a teacher is to guide students to discover creative movement, connection and expression through the wondrous Argentine Tango.”–Ellen Chrystal