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October Focus: Blue Throat

This month at Satya Yoga Center we will bring our awareness to the throat and neck. As you start to focus on this area, layers and layers of information reveal themselves, … more »

Meditations for Healing

Many of us suffer from chronic pain, whether it’s from arthritis, joint pain, injury or illness. Narcotics are often prescribed, and while they can help considerably, many … more »

Give the Gift of Yoga!

Gift certificates for yoga classes are now available to purchase online and at the studio! Choose from the following options: Single Class ($18), 5-Class Card ($80), … more »

Did you know?

You can get the BEST deal on classes by signing up for our Yearly Membership. Just $110 per month (billed monthly via credit card) for unlimited classes at Satya! Or pay … more »

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Sign Up Online, Save Time!

Do you find yourself rushing to make it to class or workshop and arrive to find a line out the door? Or you're about to pay and realize you left your wallet in the car? If you … more »

Try Something New!

New! Yoga Basics and Yoga Intermediate with Adi Carter Sundays, 9:00-10:00am, and 10:30am-12:00pm, $18/Class Card Adi Carter teaches Sunday mornings now: Yoga Basics from … more »

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