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The Differences Between Thick And Thin Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are classified as an investment for your health, especially when choosing one of the better quality mats. When you start shopping for your own yoga mat, be mindful that there are different types of mats to choose from. For example, yoga mats can be made from cork, bamboo, rubber, foam, and more. At the same time, they also have their own density, thickness, length, and style, as Yoga Mats Ireland outlines below.

A yoga mat is designed to help you stay grounded, providing you with support and stability during your regular practice. Achieving the correct grip is essential as this helps you to maintain proper balance and to stop you from slipping or sliding around.

Having the correct density and thickness is also important. Yoga mats vary when it comes to density or thickness. Density is an important feature. The thicker yoga mats provide you with added “cushion”.

The overall thickness of a yoga mat is one of the main factors that will contribute to your enjoyment since it impacts on your hips, back, knees, and joints should you suffer from any issues. It is important to remain pain-free and comfortable when using a yoga mat. You also want to avoid developing common issues that include painful knees, feet, or hands while practicing, particularly if it is something you can prevent.

If you are fortunate enough to be free from knee or joint issues, you might prefer the thinner options. These include the 3mm thickness mats. This is a standardized thickness, that can help you feel a closer connection when it comes to the floor or the ground. The mats made from cork are firm and thin while providing ample stability.

They are also easier to carry, light-weight, and they are designed not to offer a great deal of cushion. The yoga mats that are made from rubber or foam are also thin and can vary when it comes to firmness which will depend on the mat itself.

The yoga mats that have a 4mm thickness happen to be a better choice for individuals that don’t suffer from sensitive knees or joints but still want slight cushioning along with firmness. These mats provide support and stability, but also help you to feel like you are not lying directly on the ground or floor.

For those that suffer from joint or knee pain, the denser mats with a thickness of 5mm or 6mm are the best to assist with absorbing impact while providing more support and cushion for the hips, knees, and joints while practicing.

These mats provide more cushion when compared to mats of a thinner density. However, the cork mats are not squishy or spongy so they won’t leave behind imprints on the mat. The foam or rubber mats will leave behind an imprint. The thicker mats are also heavier which will depend on the material of the mat. Foam is very light-weight, while rubber mats are slightly heavier. When you choose a yoga mat, use this information to make an informed buying choice.

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